Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I am finally getting to posting about our Labor Day camping trip. It's been crazy around here this month and my next post will probably be about all that's been going on. Just a million things added on top of each other.

Labor Day weekend we went on a camping trip to Indiana Dunes with some friends of ours, my cousin, and my aunt and uncle. This group goes together every year and this is the second year that we have joined them. We have a lot of fun with them and there are kids everywhere. All the kids play so well together, you hardly see them at all.

It was a nice cool weekend but got warmer during the day so we could spend time at the beach at least one day.

We took a family hike, which led us too the beach and running down a big sand dune.

 Our hike back led us up a lot of stairs and down a lot of stairs.

But when we got to the top there was this beautiful view! If you look closely you can see the city of Chicago. No one really thought all the stairs was worth the view but me.

All the kids love craft time!

And my aunt has started the annual tradition of donut making which the kids really look forward too! I have to admit, I look forward to it too!

My favorite part of camping though is a cool night around the campfire with a lot of laughs and great conversations! Camping is a lot of work and you are filthy but a great campfire makes it all worthwhile! And it's always great to see your kids having tons of fun!

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