Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday

It has been a long time since I posted my gratitude list. I looked back and noticed my last post was on June 21! Part of the reason is I got busy, then we were spending a lot of time just relaxing as a family by the pool this summer, and lastly my gratitude journal got buried on my desk. I pulled it out today and found 8 items that I had written back in June so I will share those along with things I can think of that I have been grateful for this summer and through today. Although my pen wasn't writing these items down this summer, my heart and my mind have been grateful the past few months to the God who has blessed myself and my family tremendously.

400~ Clematis

401~ kids giggling as we run through the rain

402~ clerk at Walgreens Pharmacy drive-thru that was very helpful.

403~ 6 years for my triplets

404~ 37 years for my husband

405~ corn on the cob

406~ birthday cake

407~ grilled burgers (especially if they have bacon on them!)

408~ lazy days by the pool

409~ my raft

410~ hot sun

411~ sun-kissed skin

412~ my lounge chair

413~ my back patio

414~ 5 years for Isaac

415~ friends.....old and new

416~ school days

417~ our camper

418~ campfires

419~ smores

420~ great conversations with friends and family that are had by a campfire and lots of laughter!

421~ family hike

422~ day at the beach

423~ beautiful views at the beach

424~ and beautiful views while hiking

425~ seeing the first trees change color

426~ Mums

Our family had a great summer and great beginning to the fall season, my list could continue even further but God knows the thankfulness in my heart for the items not listed.

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Ostriches Look Funny said...

The beach makes me thankful too. It's just so beautiful. Thanks for the list, it made me hungry for hamburgers at 6 am!

Em and Lib said...

I love that you've got Beach and Hiking trail on this post. The varied Beauty of creation always amazes me and gives me cause for Thanks!

Traci Michele said...

Beautiful! I got out of the "gratitude loop" as well!

Welcome back :-) Love your list.