Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Beginning of My Adventure

This stay-at-home mom left home and went on an adventure.

I am now back home safely.

For those of you who are my friends on Facebook, you may remember that the beginning of my trip started out a little rough.

I woke up at 4am with my husband on Wednesday, August 10. He went off to work and I began to get ready. When I booked this trip months ago, I was unable to get on the same flight as my aunt, cousin, and a couple others that day but was able to book a flight about an hour and a half later. The plan was to go to the airport with them, they would take their flight, I would take mine and we would meet up in Miami. We then would all fly together to Santiago, Dominican Republic.

When they started boarding their plane, I headed down to my gate and sat by myself peacefully reading my book and enjoying some alone time.

I should have known when I paid $9.50 for a small mocha and a yogurt parfait that this day was not going to go well. Little did I know what was in store for me.

As I sat waiting, our plane pulled into the gate. A few minutes later they announced that this plane had an electrical problem and they were going to be making a decision by 10:30 on this plane. A few more minutes went by and I looked out the window and noticed 3 firemen standing underneath this plane. Later I learned that there was actually an electrical fire.

Needless to say, we did not take this plane. They sent us from Terminal K to Terminal L. You may not think this was a very long walk but believe me, it was not close. We boarded a new plane and waited and waited and waited. Finally after sitting on this plane for an hour they decided that we were not going to take this plane either. 

Everyone gets off.

They now decide that we should go back to Terminal K and take a different plane.

This plane is smaller and now we need to all get new seat assignments and get rid of some people.

Finally, we left around 2 or 2:30.

As we were flying I was pretty sure I was not going to make it in time for my connecting flight and was completely fine with that. I was enjoying my alone time, reading a book and enjoying God's beautiful creation as I looked at the window. It really was a very enjoyable peaceful day.

When we came near Miami, they started announcing connecting flights and actually announced mine. I had no idea when it was leaving but figured if they were announcing it, I had to try to get to it. When we landed, I ran! I got to the gate and it had left the gate 5 minutes prior to my arriving.

They put me up in a hotel, gave me some meal vouchers and booked me on the 11:20am flight the next day.

Before this trip our family had been praying for me to have a safe trip, through all these inconveniences I could only be thankful because God had kept me off two planes that were unsafe.

I finally arrived safely the next day in Santiago and was greeted by my cousin Carrie and her then fiance Eddy (now her husband).

Many pictures of my trip will be coming. I have about 1300 photos to sort through and edit (which I will hoepfully get to start this weekend). We all had a great time and I can't wait to share some of my trip with you.

I am also thankful for all those back home that helped out so I could go on this trip. My father-in-law and mother-in-law watched the kids a couple days, my friend Brianne took them a night, both my sisters each took a couple kids for a few nights, and of course Brad who took over for me too. I'm also thankful to my friends Eva and Jessica who were willing to lose a little sleep to come pick me up at the airport in the middle of the night.

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