Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Probably the worst thing about my trip to the DR would have to be the bugs. I am not a fan of bugs, especially not big ones. It's hard to tell but this bug is very large.

But just imagine if one of these bugs got on your clothing.

That is what happened to my aunt. Her sweet daughter Ellie picked up the bug and threw it on her mom's dress.

Kudos to the person who thought to pick up the camera and document this occasion. I just wish this same person would have gotten my aunt's reaction.

There was a lot of screaming and dancing around. Thankfully she found the bug and got it off her dress just in time. She was just about ready to rip her dress off.

I am also not a fan of biting bugs. This next picture is a of my swollen ankles. I had a reaction to some Sand Flea bites. My ankles were swollen and in pain for a week. They are no longer swollen but my ankles are still a little tender when you touch them.

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