Monday, August 1, 2011

More Fun With Photography

My camera was at Aperture 1.8
Shutter Speed 320
ISO 100
And just let my camera shoot away.
I love the water effects.
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Jess said...

Yay!!! These are fantastic! As far as catching water perfectly still (which you did pretty much capture) your shutter speed is dangerously low. Hehe. I mean you got it for sure but in this case you could have set your ISO at 400 and still had very high quality photos and then able to move your shutter a little more. {IF} you want to absolutely make sure you get crisp frozen movement, make sure you have a lot of room to mess with your shutter speed. But great great job! Love that you are practicing and having fun!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Jess! I was pretty surprised when I saw that my shutter speed was that low. Not sure why I had my ISO that low, it was kind of late in the day. I love how the water looks on his head when he comes up. I did figure out how to get my photos to look better on my blog though, so that's a bonus!