Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Camping we went!

We left for our first family camping trip with our 'new' camper on Tuesday afternoon to the Indiana Dunes. We went with friends Rick and Julie Wories whose old camper is now ours! They were able to show us how everything worked and it also gave us a good idea of the kind of things we are going to need to purchase for our future trips. We had a ton of fun and think we are going to like the camping thing. It was supposed to be REALLY hot! But it ended up not being as bad as we thought. We came home with a ton a sand and I personally came home with about 200 mosquito bites even thought I covered myself with OFF. New tip I learned though, rub ice on your mosquito bite and it helps with the itching. Here are pictures of our trip.

On Wednesday morning we went to the Nature Center and took a hike through one of the many trails in the woods.

After the hike we breaked for lunch and then headed out to the beach.

Then it was time to dig a hole.

And bury Alex.

And then Amanda.

Before we left Amanda told us she had to go to the bathroom so Brad convinced her to go in the lake. So he walked out to the water with her, while he was looking the other way she started to take her bathing suit off so that she could go to the bathroom. It was very funny!
After the beach, we had one sleepy little camper.

And also a sleepy big camper.

I thought Aunt Nikki would love to see her nieces sweeping the sand off the street. They definitely take after her and not me.

On Thursday morning the kids insisted on climbing this huge sand dune. I tried to talk them out of it but they really wanted to do it. I figured they would give up pretty quickly but Alex, Joshua and Isaac did it!

Then it was time to run down. Amanda decided to climb this little one instead.

A great time was had by all but I'm glad to be home and sitting in my house with air conditioning and happy that I was able to put 4 kids to bed tonight with clean feet!


jenerix said...

Couldn't you put any more pictures in your post? :o) Take a look at the background of picture #11. I'm thinking about reporting your blog for posting nasty pictures. EEEEEEWWW! As Garrett would say "That's 'scusting!"

bmvis6 said...

That is so funny, I never noticed that! If it didn't take me so long to upload all these photos I'd try to change it. I have more pics if this wasn't enough for you?

jenerix said...

I'm afraid of what your other pics might have in the background. I'm pretty sure I see a little crack there......

bethvdg said...

I was going to comment on the same picture! Why do people do that on a public beach with children around? Leaves not much to the imagination! Looks like the kids had a great time and you seemed to too! I also love isaac sleeping in the chair with his crocs on the wrong feet!