Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nurse Amanda

As much as Amanda looks live a Vis, she definitely has more of my personality. She is a little more particular than the other kids, she does not like to lose things, and likes to be around me and help me with whatever I'm doing. She has always been one to watch out for the other kids and try to make them feel better when they are hurting or sad. When they were only 1, if someone was sad, she would always run and get their blankie because she knew that would make them feel better.

Amanda is also very emotional which she doesn't necessarily get from me. I will get upset about things pretty easily but not to the point of crying. Amanda is a fountain! After many talks with her about crying over little things she has learned to control it a little. I now notice that when she is upset because she can't find her purse, she will come and tell me and she is fighting back those tears. We're making progress. But most of all she loves to imitate me. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. For instance, the other day the boys were fighting over a toy and I heard her saying in her motherly voice,"Now, who's toy is it and who had it first?" When she got her answer she came running to give me the report so I could solve the problem.

Yesterday, I was in the basement doing 'The Shred' when I hear "Joshua's knee is bleeding!" and then Amanda says, "I'll take care of it!" She took some toilet paper to wipe up the blood and then put band-aids on it for him. This is a picture of her handiwork.

Pretty soon these kids aren't even going to need me around. The thought makes me very happy and very sad at the same time!

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