Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain and Garage Sales

What a busy week we have been having. Brad once again has been insanely busy with work! He has been working on this job where the wallpaper just wasn't wanting to come off and these people were on a deadline. He has been working the last 2 weeks nonstop! We've barely seen him. I guess you can never count on being slow or busy right now, but we'll take busy. That's what pays the bills!

Wednesday night I woke up to Thunderstorms. As I lay in bed, I remembered how we fixed the drain in the basement so I could rest easy because no water would be coming up them! Then in the morning I headed to the basement to grab a loaf of bread out of the freezer and found 2 inches of water! We figured out that the sump pump had broken. Lovely! If it's not one thing it's the next! The worst was that I didn't have the kids pick up their toys the night before so I had toys floating everywhere. Thankfully we were able to find someone to come over on short notice and fix it and he didn't charge an arm and a leg! I've been wanting to tear up that carpet for awhile and just paint the floor and get some carpet remnants, so I guess now is the time to do it. I will be tossing all the furniture down there too. Since I'm doing that I moved all the toys up to the office and it will now be an office/toyroom.

This is what it is looking like right now. Next week I get to organize! On a side note, that night Amanda thanked God for the rain in our basement. We need to be thankful for everything, right? How a child can remind us of these simple things! We need to be thankful for even the annoying things that ruin our day!

Also this week I've been hosting a garage sale with my sisters. This means 9 kids in my house with very little supervision. This has brought my kitchen floor to a whole new stickiness. I also know that my nephew Eddison has been over a lot when the soap dispenser is close to being empty again when I just filled it 2 weeks ago. The kid gets so excited that he can get to my sink that all he wants to do is wash his hands! He then flashes his cute little dimples at me and I can hardly get mad at him.

The garage sale has been going good and we've all made a decent amount of money. We tried the evening thing and then a day. The evening was a little rainy, but it still went pretty good. I have now sold both my double and quad strollers. Getting rid of strollers I think officially takes me out of the baby stage!

Here are Beth and Nikki among all the treasures and my cousin Lisa is in there too finding lots of good bargains!

Morgan wanted to have a lemonade stand and Beth made her some cookies to sell too. Here she is with all of her helpers. Those cookies were selling like hotcakes! I think the kids drank most of the lemonade instead of selling it.

And that is my week in a nutshell!

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