Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Fashionista

I used to look at kids out at in public with mismatched clothes and think, "How can their mother let them go out of the house looking like that?" Then I had 4 kids and realized that it doesn't really matter what they are wearing as long as they have gotten themselves dressed. This was the first time I took a very mismatched child out in public.

Notice the shoes on the wrong feet. In my defense we were going to the Auto Parts store and I'm not sure they are really into fashion or would even notice or care.

Now most the time I don't let my kids leave like this. If I know we are going out running errands I do ask them to change but some days we are just staying home and I don't feel I need to waste my breath asking them to change. This was one of those days that we were staying home and it was last minute that I decided to take Alex with me.

Today was actually a different story. She put this beautiful ensemble together. I guess I just didn't think it was hideous enough to make her go change. I'm thinking a career in Fashion is not in her future.

This is Alex this afternoon. She put on a preemie sleeper from Joshua. Joshua wore this when he was 5lbs and it fits Alex as a shirt.


Christine said...

This is hilarious! Who would think to wear a preemie sleeper as a shirt? In her defense, I think it looks pretty cute.

bmvis6 said...

I agree, I thought it looked cute too!