Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Finally Here!

A long time ago, OK not really a long time ago, but when I started this blog I posted this. I told you I had plenty more cute things that my kids say that I would share with you later. Absolutely everyone no one has been asking when I'm going to be posting more of these. But I know you have all been sitting around thinking about this even though you haven't verbalized it to me. So here they are!

Here are a few words that my kids have changed up and are often heard around our house:

1. Bessert - Dessert

2. Resgusting - Disgusting

3. Nexterday - This word might mean tomorrow, yesterday, next week, or last week. They made up one word to cover them all.

4. Smarshmallows - Marshmallows

5. Burp-ed - because just saying burped is too ordinary.

Now for a couple cute stories:

I often give my kids my old purses to play with. I try to take everything out of them but sometimes I guess I miss a couple things. One day Joshua (yes, he was playing with the purse) brought me a pantyliner that he had found and asked,"Mom, what is this gross thing?" If only he knew. Unfortunately that wasn't the only one he found, a little later he brought me another one.

One night I was doing dishes and Amanda decided to pull up a stool and watch. Somehow we got on the subject of caterpillars. She was talking about how they don't like garbage but when they turn into a raccoon they do. For awhile I was just kind of nodding and going along with her. Finally I asked her what she was talking about and she explained to me how Daddy told her that a Caterpillar turns into a raccoon. It finally dawned on me that she thought a cocoon was a raccoon. Brad claims he did not tell her this but I'm stickin' to that story.

And finally, here is a little trick that we've learned. Do your kids ask you 5 million questions a day? Well mine do. We like to encourage questions if they are curious questions but we tend to get questions that are so random and make no sense. It seems no matter what I say each kid has to respond with asking 5 questions about one simple statement. Brad and I have come up with question time. We allow the kids to take turns asking us any question they want. By the time they are on their 2nd or 3rd question they have run out of things to ask. It's become a fun little game for us.


jenerix said...

Looks like you figured out the crossing out! Good job - you are so smart you must have gotten A's in college. Especially in Stats.

bmvis6 said...

It took me way longer to figure out than it should have. Just hope I remember next time I want to do it.