Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another First

I think they tell you to bring your children to the dentist when they are 2 or 3. Joshua, Alex and Amanda are 5 1/2 and have never been to the dentist. They need to go now before they start school so I set up appointments for the whole family, one person each month. (that means for the next 4 months you get to see pictures of kids in a dentist chair, aren't you excited!)  I despise making dentist appointments so much that it was on my list for about 3 months before the appointments were made.

Today Alex had her first dentist appointment.

She did so good! I was so proud of her! She was very excited at the end when she got to pick out a sticker, a toothbrush, got her own toothpaste and got a little timer.

The most important thing, NO CAVITIES!
I think those are my 2 favorite words to hear when I'm there.

And thankfully the other 3 played quietly by themselves in the waiting room!

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