Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stuffed Animals

Yesterday I was laying in bed awake, just had not gotten up yet, when I heard little steps come into my room. I open my eyes.

Isaac says, "Mom I did not come to sleep with you, I came to check if Dad slept with Ruff, Ruff."

He's on to us.

Every night the kids have all their different beanie babies, their webkinz, and blankets that they sleep with. As I make my rounds, I often end up with blankets and stuffed animals that they are all nice enough to share with us. We humor the kids and bring them upstairs to our room. I've learned to make sure they get in the bedroom because we have left them on the stairs a few times and the kids get upset that we forgot to sleep with their animals.

Isaac apparently has figured out that we aren't always sleeping with his things.

When he said this, I replied, "Oh, they are right here next to me on the floor. We made a special bed for them to sleep in down here."

He was happy with this response and I gave him the animals. He took a couple and set the rest up in our bed.

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