Friday, April 16, 2010

A Change In Plans

Today the kids and I headed out to Orland Park to pick up a check. On our way out there the kids asked where we were going. I told them we had to go to that place again that we went a few weeks ago to pick up a check, "remember the building, it was kind of tall and we had to go up the elevator?" Oh, they were so excited. A conversation then followed about who got to press the buttons to go up and down. You know, the important stuff when riding an elevator.

We decided that one kid got to press the button to open the door, one for the floor and then again the same on the way down. This allowed everyone to press the button once.

Of course when we got in the building someone was just getting in the elevator so the door was open for us and then he was standing in front of the buttons, so he just pressed the button for the floor for us. I knew this was going to be a problem, but I just didn't want to ask him to move out of the way so one of my kids could press the button.

When we got to the sixth floor, of course they were wondering who would get to press the buttons on the way down. Alex and Joshua asked first so I told them they could. Isaac did not like this. He was pouty in the office and then when we left to go down and he didn't get to press any buttons the temper tantrum started.

As we got in the elevator, two men followed us in. I asked if they really wanted to join us, they politely replied that they both had kids and understood. I explained the situation and they knew how traumatic this could be in a kids life.

As we got out on the first floor, the tantrum only escalated as he refused to walk to the car, I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him with me. He did not like this and he also did not like the reaction he was getting from all of us. We were laughing. I knew he was going to get disciplined and was not in the least bit embarrassed, it was just one of those moments that you have to take in stride and just laugh about it. As I drug him to the car, he decided to bite me. He was immediately told what would happen as far as discipline when we got home.

As I drove away though I began to think about it. Why did he do this?

The plans changed. We had it all mapped out what we were going to do, but the plans just changed and he didn't like it.

Sound familiar?

I'm not talking about Isaac anymore.

Sometimes it's hard as a parent because we have to discipline for things that we know our behavior is exactly the same. What do I do when my plans change? Do I take it in stride? Sometimes, but most of the time I throw a temper tantrum. Not in the way that my 4 year old son does, but in my own way not accepting God's plan and wanting my own plan. You see, I'm a planner. I'm not good with plans changing either.

Yesterday, I looked out the window and all the water in my pool was leaking out. Needless to say, I did not accept the change of plans in my life the way I should have. I had just gone to get prices on the deck for the pool the day before. I wanted to have the deck put up and our new patio done and sitting by my pool by the end of May. This threw a monkey wrench in MY plans.

I cried. If I were in a parking lot, I might have been making a scene. Thankfully I was not.

Yes, God calls us to discipline our children when they are not obeying and not acting in a that they should be but I think it's also a good time to look at ourselves and remember that we are no different than they are. We are sinners saved by grace and we commit the same sins as they do over and over again.

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Lisabeth said...

Hi Melissa, Thanks for posting that. It was exactly what I needed for today. I was the stupid one that broke the cable on the camper yesterday and yet everyone else way was paying for my mood--when my husband already fixed it anyway. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm no different from kids that throw tantrums.