Monday, April 12, 2010

Some More Awesome Deals!

Last week my sister emailed me a coupon for Kmart for $10 off a $20 purchase. I wasn't sure if it was real just because a couple weeks ago I had seen one on a blog and then a few days later it was said that it wasn't for this area. When I talked to her Saturday she said she had used it 6 times! I decided to give it a shot. They also had double coupons last week, making for some really awesome deals! When I went there everyone was using these coupons. I think I will be shopping at Kmart a lot in the near future.

This was my first transaction.
Sandals on sale 6.99 each
Tampons after double coupon 1.59
Conditioner after coupon FREE
Pull-Ups after coupon 5.99
Take off $10
Total $12.65

This was my Second Transaction.
Sandals 6.99
Toothbrushes after coupon FREE
Bath mat 5.99
Toilet Bowl Cleaner after coupon 1.29
Pledge after coupon 2.00
Old English Furniture Polish 2.49
Take off $10
Total $9.69

I made another trip there today and all the sandals I bought Saturday are now $12.99 each!

Of course double coupon week is over, but you can still take advantage of the $10 off $20 until May 22, 2010. This coupon is only for the Chicagoland area and if you live in Indiana the only store you can use it at is the St. John store. I have tried to somehow get a link on this post but it is a pdf and I can't figure it out. If you would like this coupon, please email me and I will forward it on to you. Happy Shopping!

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