Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I Quit Shopping At Target

I quit shopping regularly at Target a few years ago. But yesterday I went back and was reminded WHY I quit shopping there.

When Alexandra, Amanda and Joshua were born I did most of my shopping at Walmart. Basically because diapers and formula were the cheapest there.

Then when Isaac was born, I didn't always have someone to watch the kids and I had to take them with me. So I started shopping at Target because they had carts I could fit all my kids in.

Then I had a problem. I could not leave that store without spending at least $100. When I was done with diapers and formula, it was time to move on from the temptation.

Throughout the store they have clearance areas with all kinds of items with these little red tags.
C'mon! It's just not possible to pass up shoes for $3.74! And of course you can't just buy 1 pair, you must buy 4 pairs.

Don't even get me started on the Dollar Section!

I'm getting better though. Although I failed yesterday, my last 2 shopping trips to Target I actually left with only things on my list.

Target definitely has us women figured out. Oh, how I love and hate you little, red clearance tags! 

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