Monday, December 19, 2011

A Jam Packed Monday

For some reason when the kids went off to school, I thought it meant I would have time to get things done around the house.

Well, so far that hasn't been the case. I'm learning that I actually get more done when the kids are home because I'm actually home. I am looking forward to Christmas break.....sleeping in and being home.

I spent a lot of years at home and became quite the homebody but now that the kids are off at school it's busy, busy, busy and go, go, go.

After the kids got on the bus this morning I headed off to work to get a few things done. My things that I had to get done didn't really go as planned so I headed off to the mall to do a little shopping. I am done with Christmas shopping but I had a coupon that just had to be used.

After a little shopping I headed to meet a friend at TGI Fridays where I feel really important when I'm with her because she flashes her little card and we get free chips and salsa. It's very impressive. Of course this friend is moving away so now I will no longer feel important when I go there. That's all I will say on that subject because there were tears and stuff and we just don't need to go there again.

I headed home, talked to my husband for 15 minutes before I had to head out again and he had to head off to work.

Made a quick stop at my sister's house (didn't want to leave her out and have to hear about it later).

Then it was off to the kids school where Alex, Amanda, and Joshua had a program. Thanks to my aunt for joining me there because I was video taping the whole thing, so she snapped some pictures for me.

They had 3 little plays that were so cute. Since I hate talking in microphones and being in front of large groups of people, it was amazing to see my kids up there doing this.

This was Rainbow Christmas.

Then there was The Gingerbread Kid.

Then the Alphabet Tree.

After the program we went to their classroom to get all of their Christmas crafts. It took me two trips to the car to carry all the stuff, plus on the second trip my sister-in-law's arms were full, as well as the kids arms.

We came home and dumped everything on the table.

In case you didn't get the full effect, here is another view.

This is just a part of what we came home with. A Christmas Caroler, a Gingerbread house, a poinsettia, both costumes from the play, and their gift for us. Now take that times 3 and then add Isaac's stuff as well. That is a lot of stuff!

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