Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Break Continued.....

Go can admit it. After the all so exciting "Part 1" you just couldn't wait for "Part 2". Well, your wait is over! 

On Monday, (the day after Christmas Monday) I spent the morning cooking food and then we headed over to my Dad's house to celebrate with my family. I tried to take some pictures of the kids opening presents but it is really hard to get a good photograph when there is one kid opening a present surrounded by 6 other kids waiting to see what it is. But I did get pictures of the crafts that the kids made. 

Yes, I planned a craft! I know it's surprising! More to me than to anyone else. I mentioned it to the kids and then there was no turning back. So thanks to Pinterest and Martha Stewart the kids all made a nice little button ornament.

I also was able to snap a picture of the Peanut Butter Chocolate cake that I made. Which was delicious if I must toot my own horn.

The rest of the week was spent hanging around the house, visiting friends at their houses, Brad helped some friends move out of their house, and we said goodbye (or as I told her, it was a "see you later") to those same friends.

We spent New Years Eve with some friends of ours and their family. It turned into a much later night than we anticipated but I guess that means we were having too much fun to end the night. The kids were also able to stay up and ring in the the new year for the first time ever! 

It did take me a couple days to recover, which basically just means I'm getting old.

On New Years Day we got together with Brad's family to open presents. Everyone but his parents who are currently in Florida. Thanks to Skype they were able to spend some time with us.

At this gathering I got a few of the kids opening presents and I didn't get any of the food. Go figure.

Monday was the last day that we were able to all just be home and be lazy since Brad had to go back to work on Tuesday. I took the opportunity to get the sleep that I so desperately needed from ringing in the new year. The kids enjoyed playing with all their new toys.

The girls and I made some weaved potholders, an activity that I enjoyed as a kid.

Earlier in the week I had taken Alex and Amanda to get their haircut, they each got about 4 inches cut off. On Monday I took Joshua. I had been growing his hair out for the longest time and just giving it a little trim here and there. I took him in and asked the lady to give it a little bit more of a style. She translated this into cut it all off. I guess we will start over. 

Also on Monday, Isaac brought his blanket to me (the one that he has had for the 6 1/2 years of his life) and told me that he didn't need it anymore and I could throw it away. I was very sad. He willingly posed for one last picture of him holding it, but in doing so he made me promise to not post it. So in keeping my promise I am not showing you, I am just telling you about it which was not promised at all.

To end our Monday, we went and saw the Muppet's as a family. Very cute movie. Our whole family laughed through it and loved it.

And there, my friends, is what we did on our Christmas Break.

We are now back to reality!

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