Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Photos - Your Opinion Please

Back in November (at least I think it was November) we had our family pictures taken by a friend of mine from high school. She just started her own photography business and I think she does a great job. 

My only problem is choosing!

Yep, it's months later and I still haven't ordered my pictures.

I did buy a Groupon in December for a 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas. I was thinking the other day that I wish I had someone here to help me pick which one to have put on the canvas. Then I remembered all of you and hope you will help.

Below are my 3 choices. Which one do you think would look the best on my wall?


Footprints Photography by Valerie

My girls headbands were made by my friend Michelle. She did a great job with them! 

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timandmichelle (timandshelly) said...

Love, love, love the middle picture!!!