Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Got a Little Crafty

I saw this idea years ago in a magazine and ripped the page out, put it in a file and was planning on making one.

Then Pinterest renewed my interest in making this. (Do you like my rhyme?) 

This is so easy even the uncrafty can do it. (Yep, even I did it!) This is my kind of craft!

Some of the blogs that Pinterest brought me to had different ideas on how to make it.

First you start with a large oatmeal container. The round circular ones.

One person made it by wrapping it in material and another with scrapbook paper.

When I was at Target a couple weeks ago I found some really cute scrapbook paper for $1 so I bought it.

Of course, when I got it home it didn't wrap all the way around, so it would have been cutting and pasting and things wouldn't line up. It would have been awful.

But then I remembered that I had an old book of wallpaper samples that I had gotten from the paint store that I could use.

If you don't have one, just head to your local paint store and ask them if they have any that they are getting rid of. Mine wasn't at the time but they called me when they had one for me to come pick up.

I used a large piece and then I also used a border. I simply cut it out of the book and use some spray adhesive and attached. Yep, it was that simple! I told you, it's my kind of craft.

Of course I didn't want that cute scrap paper to go to waste so I cut out a circle to glue on the top of the lid to make the lid pretty too.

So, to go over this again.



Got it?

And here is the finished product.

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