Friday, February 3, 2012

Trying to Kick a Habit

I am reading the book "Disciplines of a Godly Woman" by Barbara Hughes. In her chapter Disciplines of Mind she explains that "if a person does something for twenty-six days in a row, research shows he has actually developed a habit."

I am actually hoping to do something for twenty-six days to change a habit.

Just after the new year started I was thinking of things that I wanted to change in the new year. One of them was my use of social networking. I don't play games on Facebook but I do tend to go to the computer A LOT to see what all of you are up to. When I thought about giving it up completely I remembered that I have a lot of people who contact me through Facebook and it is really a great tool for this. I basically talked myself out of it and told myself I need to just cut down my use.'s a month later and that has not happened! Yesterday I decided that I am not going to get rid of my account for the simple reason of being able to connect with people. What I plan on doing may take a lot more discipline but I'm hoping in the end it will end my habit and develop a new habit.

I will continue to check my account for Notifications but that is it.

I will also still post links to blog posts because I know many of you come here from there.

But......I will no longer be checking my computer all day long to see what you are all up to. In fact I won't be reading it at all. That is the only way I can think of to keep me from being on there too much.

I started this today and have noticed myself always walking to the computer and then remembering that there really isn't a need to do so.

What I hope to do instead is spend more time in the Word, time in prayer, time reading books, connecting with friends the old fashion way (by actually talking to them), organizing, getting things done around the house and things on my list that I have been putting off.

So far tonight I have actually gone through my emails and got it down from around 260 to 97. I will actually read my emails now! I was able to write a letter to our sponsored child (something on my list for 2 weeks now). Paid some bills. Wrapped some presents. Finished ironing. Colored my hair.Waxed my eyebrows. I think that is about it. A pretty successful night! And yes, I even talked to a couple friends on the phone today as well!

So, the reason I am telling you all this is so if you see me commenting on your Facebook post you can yell at me and know I've failed. Also, if there is something important going on in your life that you would like me to know, please don't assume I've read it on Facebook because I haven't. Text me, call me, come see me. Whatever you need to do! Of course, if you write on my wall or private message me I will get it and can respond that way as well.

And now that I'm done typing this, I may just go do some reading!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Melissa! Love, your dearest sister Nicole :)