Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Do I Go With All The Things Swirling In My Head

So now that I am taking a little break from Facebook I have no where to share all the fascinating things that are happening during my day and that are swirling around in my head. I thought about going to Twitter (I have an account but never really got into the whole Twitter thing) but that would kind of defeat the purpose, don't ya think? Cut down on time on one social media site to just move to another?

But thankfully I have my blog and so now I will just have to do an occasional post on all the little random things. Of course some of you may know most of this since I have taken up texting it all to you as well.

So here goes:

1.) Thursday night I went upstairs to color my roots (not that I have gray hair or anything) and when I told the kids I was going to do this Isaac says, "Yep, you don't want old hair." (This actually is a lot funnier if you know Isaac and how he says things.)

2.) Got this new mop from Norwex. You can use it dry or wet. Alex & Isaac were fighting over using it. They nicely took turns and I overhear them say, "We should do this everyday!"  BEST MOP EVER!!!!!

3.) I really enjoyed the Madonna half-time Superbowl show. I told Brad it was the best one ever, he did not agree. Of course I must say that I can only recall seeing 3 halftime shows in my life and one of them was the Janet Jackson debacle. I really like that I could just sing along to all the songs....took me back. Sigh! And props to her, she looks really good for her age and didn't even look like she broke a sweat.

4.) I forgot to tell my kids to shower for 4 days and so they became the stinky kids that everyone was trying to stay away from. Whoops! Don't worry, they have showered and are now clean. Phew!

5.) I went to my sisters house the other day and she pulls out her headband holder to show me. It was a jar. Really? I kept looking at it thinking "you didn't even do any cutting or pasting." Seriously!? A jar!? So, if you need a headband holder you can either pull out a Mason jar or you can make my Ultra Cute Headband Holder. (Actually, the jar is quite genius just don't tell my sister I said that.) Just wait til you see my next craft that I'm working on!

6.) I added a "Pin It" button to my blog so now you can pin anything you see here. I hope it actually works. If there is anyone out there that actually wants to pin something of mine please let me know if it worked!

I'm sure there was probably a lot more but I can't remember and of course as soon as I hit "post" I will remember. I'll just have to save it for next weeks list.

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