Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Bits and Pieces

Last week I posted a list of some little tid bits of happenings in our lives around here. I kind of enjoyed doing that and thought I'd continue it. Of course last week when I posted I said that I would probably remember a couple more things as soon as I hit publish and of course I did. So I am adding those this week as well.

1.) My sister-in-law sent back a box of clothes that I let her borrow for her daughter. It was nice to reminisce as I went through the box. There were even a few sleepers that I had let her borrow from when my kids were babies. Then there were some clothes that I felt my girls just got out of and she was already sending them back.  They were size 3t and 4t. I guess it's been longer than I thought. Sigh.

2.) Speaking of clothes.....Amanda has been growing out of all her shirts. Alex says, "Mom, you better go to the thrift store and get her some new shirts." I love that she said thrift store!

3.) Last week I told you that I enjoyed Madonna's Superbowl half-time show. Then the next day I saw in the news that MIA had an obscene hand gesture during the show. First, I have no idea who MIA is and second, I totally missed this gesture.

4.) The other day I asked Brad what was in the mail. He told me nothing. I then found a 30% off to Kohls. How is a 30% off to Kohls NOTHING?????

5.) Brad got switched to the midnight shift this week. We are enjoying having him home in the evening with us. Isaac hasn't complained about going to school at all this week. Brad is getting used to the sleeping schedule. I am getting used to having only 4 hours a day that someone is not sleeping in this house, I am also getting used to him being around after the kids go to bed. It may sound weird but for a year and a half now I have been used to being by myself those couple hours and getting a lot of things done.  The kids have decided that dad is nocturnal.

6.) Speaking of nocturnal.....they also told me last week that they don't want a hamster because they are nocturnal. Oh good because I was almost ready to go out and buy one of those disgustingly furry little things.

7.) I have 29 socks in my laundry basket that are missing their mate.

8.) Yesterday I ran into a mom of 2 1/2 yr old triplet girls. They were screaming and just generally not happy. I felt for her. I know how much work it takes to get them all out and once you are out you have to get your errands done no matter how crabby they are. Thankful that I could talk with her for a little while and be an encouragement to her.

9.) Yesterday I got my chalkboard paint. Watch out walls!

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