Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Weekend Trip to Iowa

In one of my Christmas break posts I told you that we said goodbye to some friends that were moving to Iowa. Well, it just so worked out that all of their stuff would not fit into the two big trucks that they had rented. Brad has a friend with a large trailer that we could borrow and the rest of their things got loaded into that trailer and then got moved to our driveway.

This past weekend we headed to Iowa to bring our friends Chris and Eva their trailer of things. Thankfully some good friends of their family let us borrow their vehicle so that we could fit our whole family in and then we took a couple of their kids and headed out.

I always love to think about how God orchestrates these things because this was the only weekend we had open to go visit them until April. If it wasn't for the trailer we wouldn't have gone until then. So thankful for that trailer full of stuff!

Whenever I think about moving, I will just take a look at this picture and then I will stay right where I am at.

Thanks to some nice warm weather and lots of room to roam, there was a lot of football playing.

Since the girls don't play football, they played dress up.

There was 4 wheeler riding. Yep, without helmets. So far, no injuries.

I told Eva to leave me something to do, since they only moved there a week ago I wanted to help out. Since she knows that if she asked me to clean something I would probably turn around and walk out the door, she gave me the fun job of organizing her pantry. Yep, that's right, organizing is fun for me! I really wish I had the before picture because all this stuff (plus more) was literally just piled in here. I had the brilliant idea (yes, I'm tooting my own horn again) to put this bookshelf in here for more shelf space. Now it looks beautiful! It better still look like this next time I go there!!!! If not, I guess I'll just have to reorganize!

On Sunday morning we headed to church. Chris was our former pastor and they moved to Iowa because he took a position at a church as their lead pastor. It was great to hear him bring the word, we sure do miss him at our church.

This is me and Eva. I miss her a lot but am glad she is only 4 hours away. Four hours is long but it could be worse!

This is both of our families.

Before we left we did confetti eggs. Basically these are eggs filled with confetti and you crack them over the heads of others. They were a lot of fun! Well, for everyone else they were, I had fun watching. Thankfully I was the photographer so I didn't get confetti in my hair.

It was a quick trip but it was filled with lots of fun and it was great to see our friends!

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