Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm A Winner and A Little Game (The 2 are not related)

Yesterday I received an email that I thought was spam and made it into my inbox. Thankfully I clicked on it before deleting it! It was an email telling me that I had won a $50 gift card to Ruche. I had entered a giveaway on a blog a while back and I guess I won! I am very excited because there is a lot of cool stuff. Problem is that there is so much that I love that I'm not sure what to get. It is going to take me hours to figure out how to spend my Free money! If you have any suggestions please feel free to share. I'm thinking I'll stay away from clothes since only about 1/10th of what I try on actually looks half-way decent and do I want to keep. There are a lot of cute shoes and accessories. I was maybe thinking a cute apron to wear while I make all my Pinterest recipes.

Now onto the game which has nothing to do with me being a winner.

If you don't know much about me, you might not know that I am Dutch (of course my husband would argue this saying that I am not 100%). I also grew up in a large Dutch community. Some of you may think this is odd and didn't even know that such a thing exists but it does. So the way I grew up was very normal to me and I thought we were the norm. Until I got older and met other people that weren't Dutch. I then learned that we have some peculiarities.

So..........the other night I was having Bible study with my Church Small Group Ladies. In our group we have 2 Dutch girls (I am one), we have one girl married to a Dutch Boy, we have a girl from Texas, a girl from Kentucky, and Tuesday night we welcomed 2 new girls into our Bible Study. Kentucky girl was not there that night so she missed out on the fun game we played.

After our study we were talking and asking the new girls a few questions about themselves and the conversation turned to Dutch people and we said how we make fun of the Dutch sometimes just because there are 2 of us that are Dutch and 1 married to someone Dutch and so we just like to laugh about some of the things we do.

One of the new girls says, "I used to work with someone that is Dutch and she used to make fun of herself too."

Me and other Dutch girl say at the same time, "What is her name?"

Can't remember if it was Married to Dutch Boy or Texas that says, "This is what they do."

Yep, this is what we do......we play Dutch Bingo. It's kind of like that celebrity game that all actors lead back to Kevin Bacon or something like that. I'm not good at that game, I'm good at Dutch Bingo.

This is how you Dutch person is talking to another person and they find out someone they know is Dutch and they figure out how they are related or know someone who is related to them. It's kind of hard to explain but you get the concept.

Here is how it went down the other night:

New Girl says the last name of the Dutch girl she knows and it happens to be the same last name of the other Dutch girl in our small group and my grandma's maiden name. Crazy, huh?

We then realized that there are 2 people with that same name so we had to figure out which one she knew. So she told us the girls mom's name. After figuring that out, we explained how we both went to school and church with her when we were young and she also lives a few miles from me.

Of course, in this game there is much excitement and laughter when you realize that you both know this same person and what a small world it is.

And that my friends is Dutch Bingo!

Sometimes it's not that easy but for some reason we always find it fun to play!


Laura said...

Hah! Visiting from Ann's today, and spending a little time getting to know you, reading through your blog. Living this West Michigan life of mine- I totally get it! When I first moved here I was overwhelmed-now I'm grateful for an extended sense of community.

Melissa said...

Living in West MI you know all about this.....many, many Dutch people there!