Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Back On Track.....1000 Gifts

On July 19, 2009 I started my list of 1000 gifts.

What is sad to me is that it is 2 1/2 years later and I only have 577 gifts written down.

Somewhere along the way I stopped. Usually it happens to me in the laziness of summer. But this year I never started up again.

Every once in a while I come across my Thankful journal and think, "I really need to start recording the things that I am grateful for."

It really helped me as I went through the day to be looking around at everything in a different light. As the new year started, this was one of my goals. To be more thankful. To continue to journal the things that I am thankful for and to remember to be thankful for the things that I normally would complain about.

Often when new people find my blog, a common comment from them is that they love my list of 1000 gifts. This has really encouraged me to start this up again.

I must confess though that sometimes recording it on my blog became a little stressful for me. I felt like I had to have pretty pictures to go along with my list. Sometimes I had them, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I had them but just didn't have the time to put them on my computer to document with my list. I don't want pictures to keep me from being grateful. So, this time around you may find pictures or you may find a list but I need to remember that this list is for me to find joy and not a list for you to find joy. If you enjoy reading it........ I am glad. If you find joy in it...... I am grateful for that as well, but the point of it is for myself. That I may find joy in the little blessings that God gives to me each day.

I do also hope it also encourages you to find joy in each and everything throughout your day.

564 ~ 577

Finding confetti throughout our house that was brought back from our trip to Iowa.

Catching up with friends while our boys play together.

Sweet Onion Salsa from Aldi.


My girls showing sisterly love to each other.

A good book that brings tears.

Meeting new people.


Staying in my pjs all morning.

Pizza cutters.

Paper plates.

Norwex cleaning cloths.

Friends who brave a snow storm and come over to hang out.

The joy on Isaac's face when he came home from spending a night at the Bull's game with his dad.

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Heather DB said...

Melissa - this is DH (Heather Driesen) from freshmen year Dordt.. remember me way back. I somehow came across your blog - and because of you, picked up 1000 gifts - only to discover the woman lives an hour away from me. I hope to hear her speak. Thank you for your words. You are a blessing!