Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a Green Day

It is now 8:15 in the morning and I am feeding the kids breakfast for the 2nd time. Thankfully their idea of a gourmet breakfast is pop tarts and cereal. Each kid that had a pop tart at 7:15 is now having cereal at 8:15 and the cereal eaters are having pop tarts now.

Last night we had our first successful friend sleepover. Joshua had Ben Bruinsma overnight. It's amazing how much excitement and noise one more boy can add to the house.

Also, last night, I came home at 11:00 and pressed the garage opener to pull my van in the garage. I noticed that one of the wheels had come out of the track. So I went upstairs to wake up Brad. He was not very happy that I had woken him up but I didn't want to leave the garage door open all night and I reminded him that I did nothing but press the button. He came and looked at it and apparently the kids had shoved some sort of hose in there. If there is a way to break something, they will usually find it! He finally got it out but the wheel is still out of the track. I would have taken a picture but he was not too happy about this so I don't think he would have been too happy if I was snapping pictures of him at this point in time.

Update: Joshua told me that he didn't do it, but he thinks the racoons might have. Those silly racoons, I put a brick on the garbage can so they can't dig through the garbage so they must have gotten me back by breaking the garage door!

So off to bed it was, I came up with this awesome blog post last night while laying in bed. It was witty, funny and some really good material. Then I woke up this morning and it was lost! If only I would blog at midnight you guys would have some good stuff to read. And by "you guys" I mean my 2 followers. Just wondering who is going to take the plunge and become my 3rd follower. I know there are actually a couple more of you out there.

Although Brad claims to not like my blog he happily posed for this picture knowing that it was going on the blog. Yesterday Brad went against all that he believes (ok, maybe not all) and became a "Green Certified" Painter. Not that we like to trash the earth or anything, it's just that we think Global Warming is a myth. And being "Green" is just politically hyped up. I think that MckMama's husband Prince Charming says it best. (Sorry but if you go to that link, you have to scroll down quite a bit to where he is talking about her Green ways.)
So if anyone is ever in need of a "Green" painter, Brad is your man!

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