Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Get it? Randomness - Randomvis. Not sure if randomness is a real word but it is in my world. is a bunch of random things going on in the Vis house.

1. Brad is super busy with work. Monday night he didn't get home until 9:30! I am not complaining though especially since in a couple weeks he might be sitting around doing nothing.

2. While in the shower this morning I was interupted by this question. "Mom, can Isaac take his glasses off while we play boxing?" Yes, we have moved on from wrestling to boxing.

3. Brad told the kids they can't watch Diego anymore because they keep talking about rainforests. In our house we do not save rainforests!

4. I have been busy quoting insurance. In case you haven't heard, I passed my insurance exam and am now selling insurance. I love that I can get on the program at home and can do it all from here.

5. We are going to have an above ground pool soon and a we got a camper. We get to relive my childhood by camping and swimming. Now all we need is a dog and a garden so I can make the kids go weed instead of having fun in the pool. We will not be getting a dog, maybe a garden next year.

6. Isaac has been walking around with tape on his glasses for a week and a half now. New glasses have been ordered and thankfully we made it the eyeglass store 4 days before his warranty expired! Talk about great timing!

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