Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was pretty uneventful. But we did do a few things. Saturday night we had some friends over. Brad was determined to have Authentic Mexican. I was sent to a store where I was told they only spoke Spanish and had to get some kind of meat that I still don't know the name of. I was also forced to buy cheese that cost a fortune and go against all of my frugal ways. But here is the concoction that Nathan Vis made.

Sunday was a beautiful day! We decided to have our gourmet meal outside. I made grilled cheese for me and the kids, Brad had leftover tacos. Of course, I added bacon to my grilled cheese which made it oh so delicious. In case you don't know, Brad and I have a huge love for bacon! We will put it on anything and everything! Our kids have not yet developed this love which is fine by me because then there is more bacon for me and Brad. Joshua did ask for bacon on his grilled cheese, when some of it fell out of his sandwich I made him pick it up and eat it. WE DO NOT WASTE BACON! As you can see in the background, there is a big circle of sand. That is where the pool will be going.

On Monday most of the day was business as usual. Brad worked til about 2 and I did my usual Monday chores of paying bills, bookwork, and laundry. When you're a mom you don't really get holidays and if you do, that means the next day has twice as much work to get done. Late afternoon we headed down to DeMotte to have a cookout with the Vis family. We ate some good food and just sat around. Everyone else played some sort of game that they had to run around, but I prefer to sit after eating a ton of food. The girls let me do a little photo shoot and the boys of course were too busy running around to let me take some pictures.

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bethvdg said...

Cute photo shoot of the girls!