Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

For 3 years now I have been walking in the Hike For Life which benefits PASS Pregnancy Center but this is the first year that I have been able to take Alex and Amanda. I walked 4 miles with a few women from my church and then I pulled the girls in a wagon. They were so good and were quieter than I had ever heard them, they only spoke when we got to one of the checkpoints and there was food and Gatorade. When we were done walking we were able to enjoy some lunch and the girls each got a balloon shaped like a flower. They also had one of those big blow up slides so they got to go on that a handful of times. I'm hoping they will join me every year now but eventually they will have to walk! When we got home, Brad and the boys were just getting home with a cake and some flowers for me. I think the cake was more for the kids though than me!

Today we were able to spend the day with just our family. The kids and Brad made me feel special all day. I heard "Happy Mother's Day" so many times during the day. During church Amanda poked me and whispered "Happy Mother's Day" and then a little later in the service poked me again to tell me that she loves me. So cute! Brad peeled the potatoes, got the roast in the oven, served breakfast and then got dinner all ready when we got home from church. What a great husband!!! I told him that I'm looking forward to him doing this again next year. We then got in a quick nap and then took a trip to the cemetery. Although I think about my mom a lot, Mother's Day is a nice day to once again remember all that she taught me and how blessed we all are to have had her in our life.

After evening church I wanted to go to the park in Munster and take a nice family walk around the pond there. Of course when we got out of church the temperature had dropped quite a bit, but once you tell the kids you are doing something it's hard to take it back. So, we went and we froze. Here are a few pictures from our walk.

Amanda is looking a little exhausted in this picture.

When I took the camera out I told Brad I needed to take some pictures for my blog, so he is trying to get out of the picture.
After our walk we came home and had a very nutritious supper of cake and ice cream!

That was my Mother's Day! Thanks Brad and kids I had a great day!!!!

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