Sunday, May 17, 2009

Joshua And Programs

Joshua has always been a little bit of a Mama's boy. I have to say that I don't mind it one bit. I eat it up every night when he asks if I can be the one to put him to bed. I love it when he asks for me to climb up to the top bunk while he says his prayer and then wants me to lay with him for a little while. It's just a few minutes of the day when he can talk to me and tell me anything he wants and has my full undivided attention with no one else to interrupt us. I love to listen to whatever story he has for me or any questions he has to ask. I love to watch the expressions on his face whether he is excited or hurt or sad.
Joshua has a very tender heart and gets his feelings hurt easily. But he is very caring, always willing to help out and is always trying to do the right thing. If he happens to disobey, he is usually pretty quick to tell me.

He is very shy and gets embarrassed pretty easily. He is afraid of crowds and if we have baptism at church he can get clingy to me because there are new and different people at church that he doesn't know. So, it goes without saying that if there were to be a program that he has to stand in front of a group of people and sing he doesn't like it and gets pretty embarrassed. He was in a program for MOPS in January and this is what we saw.

Yep, he stood with his head down the entire time and looked at the floor. Even walked out like that.

In May, he had another MOPS program and this is what we saw.

I actually told him the night before to prepare him. We did what all good parents do, we bribed him to stand up there and sing. He woke up that morning and the first thing he told me was that he didn't want to go to MOPS. But he did get up there and he did actually sing, he just did it with his hands over his ears.

Well, today was his Sunday school program at church. How I wish I would have had my camera! He actually knew about this program for over a week and has been worried about it the whole time. Last night we had him pray about it because he was so worried. This morning he started crying right before the program but Brad made him go up. He stood with his hands over his eyes the entire time! I'm not quite sure if he thought that if he can't see anyone then they can't see him. Now that it is over we can laugh about it for years to come. I sure am hoping this is something he will grow out of.

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