Friday, July 3, 2009

Three Years Ago

It's hard to believe that it was 3 years ago today that my mom walked into my house for the last time. She entered our house with these 2 pairs of crocs for Alex and Amanda. She had been looking all over for ones small enough to fit their little feet. Finally, she had found some and stopped by to check if they would fit them. My mom loved to shop. She would often go to some sort of store everyday whether it be a grocery store, Target or Kohls. She would usually find some little thing that was on clearance cheap for one of the grand kids or something for her gift closet or maybe it was just a sale at one of the local grocery stores. I believe that my house was the last stop before going home that day, making these shoes her last purchase. Alex still wears these shoes daily and I don't think I will ever be able to part with these shoes. This day was the last real conversation I had with my Mom. She went home that day and had a stroke a few hours later.The next day, Fourth of July, I did visit her in the hospital and talked with her one last time. But she was really tired, so I did most of the talking. In this post I really just want to share some memories of mom and feel free to add any memories you have of her in the comment section.

This picture was taken in March 2006 at Lucas' 1st birthday party and she is pictured here with Amanda.

My mom was a woman that truly taught me what it is to be selfless. She was always serving her family and was always humble about it. Sure she was taken advantage sometimes because of this but she was rarely vocal about it. And isn't that how Christ calls us to act.

She gave of her time also, volunteering to do hot lunch at the grade school even though her kids had been out of there for a long time. She also volunteered at Village Woods in the coffee shop. She loved visiting with the old people and it also gave her a chance to find a lot of little trinkets in the gift shop.

I always saw my mom as a person that didn't let life get her down. If something bad happened she picked herself up and moved on. She always looked at the positive in her life. I think a lot of that came from facing death when she had cancer. I'm sure she got down about things but she never really let us see it.

Your mom is always the one who makes you feel special on your birthday and my mom was no different. For my 10th birthday she planned a sleepover for all the girls in my class. For my 16th birthday she brought balloons to school and hung them on my locker. For my 21st birthday she came to my work and took me out to lunch. On my 30th birthday she put a lovely sign in my yard saying "Honk, Melissa is 30!" Plus she came and watched the kids so Brad could take me out to lunch and when I was being difficult about leaving the kids with a sitter for me to go to the party that I didn't know my husband and sisters were planning for me, she offered to stay and watch the kids for me and skip my party.

My mom loved to cook, loved to garden (vegetables and flowers), loved onions, loved spending time with her grand kids. When I was in the hospital on bed rest she came to see me almost everyday because she didn't want me to be left alone. When I was not able to get out and do my yard work, she would stop over and weed my yard in the 90 degree heat. Once my kids were born she was a huge support for me and would stop over almost everyday even if it was just for a few minutes.

Once I had my own kids I had a deeper appreciation of all the sacrifices my mom made for us. She was truly a woman you could say was beautiful on the inside. I just wish I would have been more vocal to her about these things.

Three years ago, I not only lost my mom, I lost one of my best friends. I'm so thankful that God gave me 30+ years with her and isn't that more than a lot of people get? She was around for so many important things in my life and was a great influence on who I am today. I still miss her but know that I will see her again in the place we all long to be, the only place where all are tears will be wiped away.

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bethvdg said...

Wonderful post, Melissa! You made me cry! There is just so much to miss about mom! But so thankful for all she taught us! I started reading "Don't make me count to three" tonight, and it reminded me of what a blessed mother we had, and how I strive to be a mother to my children, like she was to us! And I know you and Nikki feel the same way! Also, thankful that we can encourage each other in our roles as mothers- so thankful for that!