Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where did the time go?

It's so hard to believe that 5 years ago I gave birth to 3 babies and today those 3 little miracles are 5! It has flown by so fast! I have actually not been looking forward to this day. To be honest, I just loved 4. It was my favorite age with them and am sad to see it go. Last night in preparation for this post I was looking through some picture books and it reminded me how cute they were when they were little but also reminded me of how much work they were and that it is great how independent they are now.

No more night time feedings. And, yes, Joshua is wearing the same thing here that Alex is wearing here.

Bath time is a lot easier.

Clean up after supper takes a little less time.

They don't need me to hold them in the pool.

They don't need us to help them go on the swings.

They smile when you take their picture.

And no more searching for pacifiers!


Regardless of the stage they have been in their life and how much or little work they are we love them and are thankful to God for them!

Happy 5th Birthday Alexandra, Amanda and Joshua!

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deb said...

just saying hello from the gratitude community
blessings to you , you have a beautiful family