Friday, July 10, 2009

Frugal Friday and Randomvis

Sorry but this post is going to be all over. First of all, many that know me know that I am frugal. I shop sales, rarely buying something that isn't on sale. I clip coupons. I have a budget of about $75 a week for groceries. I can even entertain and stay pretty close to that amount. Yes, we give up a few luxuries with that budget but we don't starve and I think we eat pretty good. From time to time I will be sharing a few things with you.

My friend Jessica turned me on to Mango salsa a couple years ago at our book club. The reason I'm posting it under frugal is because I subsitute a few things to make it a little cheaper. Her recipe has mango, shallot, red pepper, cilantro, a dash of cayenne pepper and squeeze a lime over it all. I substitute green pepper for red pepper because it is almost half the price. We love red onion and I often have it in the house, so I substitute that for the shallot. You can get these chips for pretty cheap at Aldi. This is one of my favorite summertime snacks, it's healthy and cheap. Now my only problem is what to do with all the extra cilantro. Does anyone have any ideas? What do you add cilantro to? Do you have a good way to store it so it keeps for awhile?

Now my next frugal tip is........milk. Did you know that CVS has 2% milk for $1.99? That is their everyday price. If you have a CVS card, after you buy 5 gallons you get a free one. So, everytime I'm in there I grab a gallon of milk. The free one can be any kind. So this week when I went to get my free gallon I grabbed a skim milk because that is what Brad and I drink. It is $2.49, but I still got it free. It even went towards my quantity for my next free milk. How exciting is that!


Ok, enough frugal stuff and on to Randomvis.

Not sure if you all watch tv or not. I don't really watch too much but I recently found this show called "Raising Sextuplets" on the WE Channel and it's on Thurday evenings. They have 20 month old sextuplets and I'm not sure why but watching someone else's kids run all over while they chase them or watching someone else's kid poop in the tub is quite entertaining to me. Just thought I'd share in case anyone wants a good, clean (besides the poop thing) show to watch.


Today, we ran a few errands and when we were done I decided to stop at the park for about a half an hour before heading home for lunch. According to my kids this makes me "the best mom ever!" They are easy to please! So, I'm sorry if you all thought you were the best moms ever but I now have that title.


When you have a pool but it is not ready to swim in yet, it is best to send your parents subtle hints that you want to go swimming.


And lastly, not sure if you've all notice that I have links to some of my favorite blogs on the lefthand side. I do change them sometimes as I find out about new blogs. I usually try to follow them for a little while to see if I like them and want to promote them. I tend to put ones there that are an encouragment to me as a mom, wife and a Christian. This blog I haven't added to my page yet but really enjoyed her post today. She also has such calming music on her page. I've also just started reading this blog recently and have been really enjoying her posts.


bethvdg said...

yeah, I'll bring Isaac's "surfboard" over soon, since he seems to be stealing someone else to go down the slide!

Kristi said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed reading! Your kids are beautiful - hope to get to "know" you more in the blogosphere! :)