Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today we celebrate America's birthday but more importantly our family celebrates Brad's Birthday. He celebrates 36 years today! That number looks even bigger to me than it sounds. He was 22 when we started dating, how on earth is he now 36?

He had to start off the day working for a little while but then this afternoon we enjoyed the Munster parade in the rain because the Vis family will do anything for some FREE candy! Now we just need to find a free dentist. I would also like to thank the church that decided that it was a good idea to give out whistles to promote their upcoming VBS. I might just send them there now armed with their whistles and ready to blow all week long!

We grilled some burgers for supper and of course topped them with bacon and cheese. What goes good with hamburgers? French fries of course and what do you top them with? Bacon and Cheese! Bacon always makes a good thing better, and the cheese? Well, that is dairy and we like to make sure we are getting our calcium. I think all this bacon has made Brad's birthday the best birthday ever! Have I mentioned before that we like bacon? I actually saw a shirt that says, "Bacon makes everything better." Now those are words to live by. Now where was I, oh yeah, Brad's birthday. For dessert we enjoyed some Coldstone cupcakes. After all those calories I'm thinking we better not eat next week.


bethvdg said...

Unfortunately, people are still celebrating tonight! It's the holiday that never ends-AHHHHH! Oh yeah, and keep the whistles at your house, please!

bethvdg said...

One more thing- where are the great firework pictures? It may be my only chance to have a picture on your blog!

Melissa said...

Sorry, I decided to keep that out. You'll just have to work harder to get your pic on my blog!