Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Thousand Gifts

It was about 15 months ago when I found my first blog that I started to follow but it wasn't until about 6 months ago that I really started following more of them. They have become a source of entertainment for me but also a great source of encouragement in my life. I have been encouraged to memorize scripture, start a Women's Bible Study, pray Bible verses over my children, and be more faithful in my devotional life.

Last week I posted about a blog that I have been enjoying and Monday morning I opened it up again and found her post about Multitude Monday and here she explains more about how it started. I have started making a list before of things that I am thankful for but through Ann's blog I have once again been encouraged to make another one. Over time I hope to make a list of 1000 gifts. The last few days I have been jotting some of them down and will share some of them.

1 ~ Grace (the most important thing)

2~ children's smiles

3 ~ children's hugs

4 ~ blogs

5 ~ laughter

6 ~ calculators

7 ~ my wash machine

8 ~ music that speaks to me

9 ~ the smell of the dryer as I walk out the back door

10 ~ napping kids

11 ~ my husband

12 ~ coupons

13 ~ $ to take care of our needs

14 ~ my bed

15 ~ lazy days at the beach

16 ~ ice cream

17 ~ coffee

18 ~ air conditioning in my car

Tuesday night I asked each of the kids to tell me something that they were thankful for.

Alex - trees

Joshua - songs

Amanda - a beautiful day and a nap

Isaac - that he could go to the Railcats game on Monday

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