Monday, December 14, 2009

Gratitude 252-271

holy experience

God's protection over our family as we drive on the roads


vicks to help with coughs

deliveries on the doorstep

Christmas cards in the mail

an early Christmas present - stools for the island

Handel's Messiah - what a joy to hear the gospel put to music.

online shopping

chocolate covered pretzels decorated by little hands

the smell of pork tacos cooking in the crock pot

being able to sit in my heated home and look out the window at the snow


stockings hung by the fireplace

decorating Christmas cookies

Eating them - even better!

red and green frosting from Aldi

a little nap

Christmas tree with lights shining bright and ornaments hung

red berries and fake evergreen branches brightening up my house

celebrating 60 years with my Dad


purplemoose said...

I'm just saying Hi, I stopped in from Holy Experience. I'm very impressed that you are able to do the cookies with your children! I always wanted to do this with mine, (before having children!) and it just doesn't work very well.

Melissa said...

Thanks for dropping by. This is the first year that the kids actually did pretty well with the decorating.