Thursday, December 3, 2009

While Mommy is away, the kids will.......

make cookies.

make a mess.


Brad loves Christmas cookies. You know the kind. The ones you have to roll, cut, bake, and then decorate. I will be honest, I loathe making these cookies. I love to bake, but these cookies make such a mess and take so long to make. My loving husband knows I don't like to make these so he often joins in. Usually, I get the honors of baking them and then he decorates with the kids.

I was gone one night so he decided to tackle baking them with the kids. They didn't turn out so good, so I think we will go back to my baking and his decorating. I'm grateful he tried to tackle it though. When I got home there was hardly a trace of this mess. He had it all cleaned up!

Brad also handed me the camera and said, "I took a few pictures in case you wanted to put them on your blog." What a sweet guy!

And where was I, you ask? Off playing Bunco for my first time ever! Guess who won first place?

You guessed it, ME!!!!

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Christine said...

What a good daddy! Looks like they had fun!