Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Blue Thunder

Here it is, just as pictures. I'm sure you've all been waiting all day for me to post these. (note sarcasm)

Here is Joshua ready to throw the ball in. Alex looks really ready doesn't she?

Time to take a break. I think the girls were more interested in telling their coach about their life. I'm not really sure where they get their love for talking from. (note more sarcasm)

This is what most of the game looks like, everyone just in a big huddle following the ball around.

I was very proud of Joshua (well I was proud of them all) but he played last year and he has improved so much since then. He scored 2 goals today!
Of course it does help that there is no goalie, but considering most the time they are in a big clump it does make it a little hard to score.

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