Friday, September 11, 2009


I haven't done a random post in awhile, thought it was about time.

Not sure if you all remember this post about my closet back in June. But it finally got fixed a couple weeks ago. My husband finally said something about it so I figured it was about time. Besides that, it was cool one night and I had to dig to the bottom to find a coat.


The kids also started AWANA this past Wednesday. For those of you not familiar with AWANA it is a program at church for kids to go listen to Bible stories, memorize scripture, sing songs and have fun. They had a lot of fun and Isaac was already asking when he could go back. Their age group is the Cubbies. Since we live near Chicago and are White Sox fans, I am not particularly fond of the name but I guess I don't get to choose. I am helping out with a group of Kindergartners while the kids are in their class.


My kids have always loved doing puzzles but they tend to be a little easy for them. So for Joshua's birthday my dad gave him a 300 piece puzzle to challenge him a little. Last week he took it out and wanted me to do it with him. At first he was a little frustrated by it but I sat down and we finished it together. He did it another time with Brad and now he sits down and will put it together twice a day all by himself. He's gotten so good he doesn't even look at the box to figure out where the pieces go.


The kids also had their first soccer practice yesterday and their first game is tomorrow. They are all on the same team - Blue Thunder. I'm sure you will all be on the edge of your seat just waiting for those pictures!

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