Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Spent Together

The last couple weeks it seems our family has been able to do a lot of activities together. I am always so thankful for these times. It's good to just forget about the house, it doesn't need to be clean, we don't have to have fancy meals. Many days I do get frustrated because it seems I didn't accomplish much or the house is a mess but it's the time that we were able to spend together that I cherish.

I continue to count these blessings and all the other little things in life.

110~ that I am able to stay home with my kids and do my work on the computer in my pjs

111~ doing a puzzle with Joshua

112~ our camper and all the memories that will be made in it

113~ sitting around the campfire

114~ roasting marshmallows

115~ hot dogs cooked over the fire

116~ a day at the beach

117~ kids who are filthy but having fun!

118~ sand dunes to climb and of course running down them which is way more fun!

119~ smooth set up of camper and smooth take down of the camper (I don't think we even fought once!)

120~ a child's imagination

121~ a special treat of lunch at McDonald's (a treat for them) with well behaved kids (a treat for me)

122~ a fun day at the zoo

123~ seeing all the animals God created

124~ kids running through the water on a hot day in their clothes

125~ 6 kids in a kangaroo

126~ drying off on the rocks

127~ enjoying a great steak dinner with the family

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They are so cute!
Have a joyous Monday!