Friday, September 25, 2009

Frugal Friday

You asked for it! Oh no, wait - you didn't ask for it, but you are going to get it anyway! My deal of the week. Wednesday I stopped at Old Navy and saw my favorite sign, "50% off Clearance Prices!" I also walked in armed with a $10 Off Rewards Coupon.

I walked out with these cute dresses for my girls and 3 shirts for myself. Do you know how much I paid? Drum roll please..........................$8.77. That is right! I got home and looked at my receipt and I paid $1.69 each for these dresses. I got a shirt for myself for $1.01, another for $3.04 and a third for a whole whopping $.78!

Thank you for sharing in my excitement! Feel free to share with me any great bargains you got this week, I'd love to be excited with you!


Beth said...

I got 3 pairs of shoes at Kohl's for under $20. One a pair of Nike and one a pair of new balance and a pair of sandals. Plus they are a little big for the kids, so they will fit for a long time, definitely getting my moneys worth! Oh yeah, and you're deal was pretty good too!

Melissa said...

I wish I got that deal on shoes, I was looking all over for shoes for the kids on Wednesday!