Monday, September 28, 2009

More Blessings

It's been a rough week.

Not that anything horrible has happened, just been one of those weeks where things seem to keep going wrong. The kids have been crabby, I've been crabby. Kids have been fighting a lot, I've been yelling a lot. Kids haven't been feeling 100%. I've been up with coughing kids at night.

One of those weeks where I don't really feel like being thankful and a week that it would be easy to just skip this post. But a week that I need to really look at my life and be thankful because the things that have me crabby are really nothing and God has blessed me and my family with so much!

139 ~ Fall is here!

140~ noticing some trees with leaves starting to change color, a beautiful red!

141~ wind rustling the leaves

142~ a pumpkin scented candle

143~ kids crafts that double is fall decorations

144~ a night out with the family

145~ some time alone to do some leisurely shopping

146~ a trip to the pool store, I showed up after they closed but thankfully the employee was still there to help me so I didn't have to come back the next morning

147~ singing a well-loved hymn in church

148~ a convicting message

149~ a pastor who is passionate about God's word and living it

150~ my son telling me that he needs to love God more than me

151~ Children eager to learn God's word

152~ the love of Christ

153~ God waking me up to start a new day!

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